Seven-time Olympic medallist Simone Biles got a notable 10th all-around crown Sunday (2 June) at the 2024 U.S. Aerobatic Titles in Ft. Worth, Texas. It’s the subsequent stage as she continued looking for the Olympic Games Paris 2024, which start in under two months.

Biles totalled a monstrous 119.750, almost six focuses clear of Skye Blakely (113.850). Kayla DiCello (110.800) was third.

“Today, it was simply getting out there and settling in and sure about my tumbling and ideally attending Olympic court dates and making that subsequent stage towards Paris,” Biles told U.S. telecaster NBC a short time later.

“I was unable to be more pleased with how I’m doing this season, simply getting that certainty. Again and again, getting myself back before the group. Also, simply doing what I do practically speaking.”

Ruling Olympic overall around champion Sunisa Lee was contending on each of the four occasions without precedent for world class acrobatic since catching gold at Tokyo 2020. She completed fourth at 110.650.

Double cross world all-around medallist Shilese Jones pulled out from the occasion with a shoulder injury on Friday (31 May).

Biles, 27, currently claimed the most U.S. crowns in history with eight aggregate (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2023) coming into the occasion. Sunday’s title stretches out her record to nine.

Friday night was whenever she first had broken the 60.000 imprint since the 2021 U.S. Olympic preliminaries.

Biles’ singular scores on the second day of contest were 15.000, vault; 14.400, lopsided bars; 14.800, balance pillar; 15.100, floor work out; with her main mistake of the end of the week coming on an overrotated vault Sunday.

She cleared the singular mechanical assembly titles. Biles had recently won each of the five gold decorations at the U.S. Titles only once, in 2018.


Coach Cecile Landi, a 1996 Olympian for France, says one key to Biles’ form is how much she relishes what she’s getting – at least one more chance – to do.

“I truly feel like she’s happy to be here,” Landi said Friday (31 May) after competition. “I know she says she’s ready to be done, but I think she’s really enjoying and appreciating every meet she gets to do.”

Biles echoed Landi’s sentiments.

“Everyone says I look like I’m having fun, so that’s good,” she said. “Because I feel like most of the time I’m not stressing or having anxiety, I do feel like I’m having fun, so it’s good to have that and feel that again.”

In her three competitive outings in 2024, the 30-time world championships medallist has looked as if the Olympic Games could be tomorrow.

For Biles, that’s important, says her coach.

“She needs to feel confident, and this is how she feels confident, competing well,” said Landi of her pupil’s otherworldly competitive form. “It builds up for her, this is how it works, so that’s why we do it.”


Blakely continued her impressive performance in Ft. Worth Sunday, delivering another solid night of competition with scores of 14.400, vault; 14.450, uneven bars; 14.200, balance beam; and 13.750, floor exercise.

It’s a rapid turn-around for the 19-year-old, who has been a member of the U.S. team at each of the last two World Championships.

Just two weeks ago, Blakely fell on a transition element on the uneven bars and had a less than solid effort on the balance beam at the U.S. Classic. Her all-around totals in Ft. Worth were more than two points better each night.

“I know what I am capable of,” she said afterward. “I see myself practice every day. I know what I can do, but to be able to finally put it out there on the floor and show everybody and myself, it really means a lot to me.”

Her 57.050 total on night one surprised even Blakely herself.

“My goal I wrote was actually a 56 all-around,” she told reporters. “So, 57, I think really tops it.”

Blakely’s performance at the U.S. Championships should boost her confidence; her high-scoring Cheng vault, new this week, should boost her chances for Paris.


Lee’s fourth-place finish in the all-around is a triumph more than a year in the making.

“For my first all-around competition, I was just telling them how happy and excited I was because this is my first time back on national team since Tokyo,” Lee said afterward. “So it feels so good to just be back.”

The 21-year-old has been dealing with a kidney-related health issue since early 2023. It cut Lee’s sophomore campaign at Auburn University short and held her out of international competition for Team USA last season.

As Paris 2024 has neared, Lee and longtime coach Jess Graba have taken a measured, strategic approach to bring her back into all-around competition for the first time this week at the U.S. Championships.

Over two days of competition, Lee delivered seven of eight solid routines. The sole hiccup came in Sunday’s opening rotation when she tripped on the runway of her vault, bailing out and sitting down.

Shaken up by the incident, Lee found comfort in Biles who stood next to the uneven bars a rotation later cheering for her Tokyo 2020 teammate.

“She just came over to see if I was okay and basically just helped boost me up and get my confidence back up, because at that point, I was kind of like thinking that this was over,” Lee explained. “So, it was really nice having her in my corner, and she’s just been so supportive.

“To have her on bars to giving me advice, it just felt so good because I know I was having a hard time and she was just there to help lift me up. So I’m super grateful for her.”

Lee bounced back in a big way, earning a 14.500 on the bars and then a 14.900 on the balance beam. Both scores were the highest on their respective apparatus Sunday.

“Mentally, that’s who she is,” Graba said. “I mean, I told her that after beam I’m like, ‘That’s who you are. That’s what makes you, you. I mean, everything can be stacked against you, and I’ll always put my money on her.'”

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